Banks Performing Arts Dance

14175 NW Sellers Rd Banks Or 97106 phone #503-324-0112

 About Us  

Banks Performing Arts Dance Academy                                                                      14175 N.W. Sellers Rd.  Banks Or 97106         503-324-0112                                                                                                            
About our school:

 We have a full range of class levels see our Class Schedule page. We also have a summer program.

Our teacher tapped under Terry Brock who has performed for the President. Dian's Ballet training is second to none, training for years under Jacqueline Schumacher who's school became Oregon Ballet Theater.Dian has had students perform with professional companies  through out the years such as Ballet West, Northwest Ballet Theater, and several of her students were accepted at the Boston Ballet.

   This school trains a well rounded dancer. The owner having taught for years has an understanding of the young students needs while giving a foundation that will enable the dancer to go professional if that is what he or she chooses

     Students are to dress in appropriate dance attire,Tiny Tots & Pre Dance may wear skirted leo dresses of solid colors. We sell dance clothes here at the school. The Youth Ballet dancer wears black leos, with Ballet pink tights, with no skirts.  Upper level Ballet may wear any dark solid colored leos, making for a  professional look with a little bit of artistic creativity.  Those that just tap may wear comfortable slacks and a solid color T-shirt. Our performance costumes and class room attire is modest in price as well as appearance as our motto is children should be children.  

      Our store carries the tap shoes that are require here, they have quality sound and are cost effective for the student.  We also carry high quality dance attire.  




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